Painter, Pyrographer, Fabricator, Graphic Designer, Musician, & Performer, basically I will dive head first into any creative outlet I can find. Diversity in my work is one of its essential qualities and one that keeps me sane.

I have shown my creations all over the world. Having been lucky enough to have had dozens of galleries showcase my work over the years.

I always have a couple of upcoming group shows and typically do a solo show every 1-2 years. Follow me on Facebook or Instagram to stay current on where my art will be next!

I am also a Curator having spent almost 5 years as the director of Night Gallery Fine Art, I am co-creator of the “99 cent store art shows” and am currently a guest curator for the Dark Art Emporium in Long Beach, Ca.

For commissions or questions, or if you just want to say “Howdy” drop me a line here: JC@Jeremycrossart.com

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you dig what you find.




photo credit – jovanah paz hoboo